Air Conditioning Overhaul

As you roll into summer, you’re going to rely more on your vehicle’s Air Conditioning (AC) system for comfortable driving. So, before taking off on your summer-vacation road trip, crank up the AC and have it inspected if any of the following symptoms are present:

  • The air blowing out of the vents is cool, but not as cold as it used to be.
  • Performance is spotty or intermittent—it will blow cold, but seems to cut out for a while before blowing cold again.
  • The floor is inexplicably wet (the water drain hole may be plugged).
  • Excessive noise when the AC is on.
  • Odour – if it smells like a musty gym locker when the AC is on, have the system inspected right away for mold or bacteria that likes to grow in dark, damp places, like the evaporator.

Contact a Service Centre to perform an inspection and make necessary repairs on your vehicle’s AC system. It’s your sure-fire way to keep cool this summer!