What’s That Dash Light?

You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden a dash light illuminates showing an icon of a battery or the word “CHARGE.”

What does it mean?
The battery has an insufficient charge to power the vehicle’s electrical systems and accessories.

What action should be taken?
Immediately find a safe place to pull over. The battery charge will be depleted shortly and the vehicle will shut down.

So, the battery is bad?
Not necessarily. The problem is likely due to a bad alternator, which failed in its duty to charge the battery while the engine was running.

Will a jump-start help?
Not really. It will help for a few minutes, but because the alternator isn’t charging the battery while the engine is running, the charge will be depleted again very quickly.

What’s the fix?
Have the alternator inspected and likely replaced. Depending on where the alternator failed, it may require towing to your ACDelco Professional Service Centre Program member.