All about Antifreeze

Living in an area that routinely sees below-freezing temperatures during the winter, you’ve got to make sure your vehicle is properly protected with antifreeze. Antifreeze is the same stuff in the radiator that helps prevent it from overheating in the summer. But when the temperature drops, it lowers the freezing point of the water it’s mixed with to ensure it will flow through the engine when it’s started. Frozen water in the engine can cause serious damage.
The technicians at your favourite ACDelco-affiliated service centre can perform a quick and simple inspection of your car’s antifreeze and tell you whether the fluid level is sufficient, along with the approximate coldest temperature at which it will provide protection. ACDelco offers antifreeze, so ask your technician for it.
And if your vehicle is older, be sure to check the owner’s manual to see when the coolant should be replaced.
Stay warm this winter—and make sure your car is protected from the cold.
Antifreeze Quick Tips
  • Antifreeze is also known as engine coolant and is referred to as both on many bottles.
  • Antifreeze should be used in a 50/50 mix with water. Many bottles come premixed these days, but some do not.
  • Check the bottle carefully.
  • All antifreeze is not created equal. Check the Owner’s Manual and be sure to use coolant recommended for your car.
  • Using the wrong type could harm the engine.
  • If you have to top off the coolant reservoir under the hood, try to do it when the engine is cold.
  • Antifreeze is toxic for animals, which are often attracted to its sweet smell. If you spill coolant on the driveway, wipe it up.