Ready for Winter

A chill in the air and a stray snowflake or two let you know Canadian winter is on its way. You may be ready for it, but is your vehicle? Here are 10 things to have your ACDelco Professional Service Centre inspect, update or replace before the white stuff really starts to fly and the thermometer heads south for the season.

  1. Battery strength – Have it tested to ensure it has the cranking power to start the engine on the coldest mornings.
  2. Antifreeze/coolant capability – Have it tested to ensure it will provide protection in the coldest temperatures.
  3. Wiper blades – If it’s been 6 months or more since they were changed, have new blades installed to provide a smear-free view when clearing ice, snow and salt spray.
  4. Windshield fluid – Have the reservoir topped off, so you’re not left high and dry when the winter spray hits.
  5. Tire tread depth – Have the tires inspected to ensure they’ll provide adequate traction on icy and snowy surfaces – or ask your ACDelco Professional Service Centre about installing snow tires.
  6. Belts and hoses – A cold, dark winter night is no time for a snapped serpentine belt or a split coolant hose. Have them inspected.
  7. Filters – Ensure you and your vehicle will breathe easier during winter and have the cabin and engine air filters inspected and possibly replaced.
  8. Suspension – Winter driving can be hard on shocks, struts and other chassis components. Have your vehicle’s suspension – and brakes – inspected to make sure it’s ready for the road.
  9. Leftover repairs – Think for a moment: Did your rear- window defroster stop working at the end of last winter? If it or any other issues you neglected during the warmer months come to mind, have them addressed before the winter reminds you.
  10. Mileage-based maintenance – Consult your Owner’s Manual and your ACDelco Professional Service Centre.

It may be time for a timing belt change or other mileage- related service – and taking care of it proactively definitely beats dealing with it unexpectedly on a sub-zero winter morning.