​Beat The Weather And Rust With Coated Rotors

Check out this video to see why using Coated Rotors is a great choice! 

Today’s driving conditions can be fierce - spring with all its rain, summer with its humidity and winter with all the salt and other forms of road sprays. Rain, snow and liquid road sprays can in fact increase the rate of corrosion under your vehicle.  This means undercar parts, like your rotors, can be the rusty casualty!

One way you can help prevent this rusting is to replace your rotors with coated rotors the next time you have your brakes serviced.  

What is a coated rotor?

A coated rotor means the brake part has been manufactured with a special coating.  ACDelco Advantage Coated Rotors feature a COOL SHIELDTM baked on protective coating to help reduce rust corrosion, compared to an uncoated rotor.  They feature the fit, form and function of premium aftermarket brakes at a more economical price.  The ACDelco Advantage line offers dependability, performance and great value - without sacrificing important features and benefits.

So the next time you get out of your car, stop and take a look through your wheels to check the condition of your rotors (you’ll find them right behind the wheel and visible depending on your rim style). If you see some rusting, then it is likely the result of wear and tear, Canadian weather and road conditions.  Keep in mind that if your rotors are worn out – you have a new option to have them replaced - ACDelco coated rotors with COOL SHIELD™ technology!