Filter Out the Facts: ACDelco Oil Filters

What is Filtration? 
Filtration is a process that separates suspended solids from liquids. This is done by passing liquid through pores of a suitable medium. Natural filters include earth, sand and soil. 

What does an Oil Filter do? 
An oil filter is designed to remove contaminants from your vehicle’s fluids before they can reach your engine. Just like the natural process that filters water through soil, your vehicle’s oil filter collects impurities and harmful debris suspended in your vehicle’s fluids. Not only do oil filters protect your engine, they also increase your oil life.  

ACDelco oil filters use a cellulous synthetic material to catch debris as small as 30 microns – that’s roughly 3 times smaller than a human hair!  The high strength steel and nylon core construction can keep more than 98% of damaging particulates out of your engine. Trust ACDelco oil filters to help keep contaminants out of your engine and your vehicle running at peak performance.  

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