Charging Electronics in Your Vehicle
Have you ever worried charging your phone might kill your battery? If you use your vehicle to charge your electronics, make sure your automotive battery has enough reserve capacity to meet your needs. 

Using Your Vehicle to Charge Electronics

Any device or system we plug into our vehicle’s power ports or USB jacks is always running and draining power from the battery. With vehicles becoming extensions of our homes, we rely on our automotive batteries to power more than just the starter, headlights and other driving components. Today we have USB charging stations, security systems, power trunks, DVD players and numerous other devices vying for our vehicle’s electricity. This is where your battery’s reserve capacity number comes into play. 

Your Battery’s Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity indicates how long a battery will last when the headlights are left on without the engine running.  RC is also what powers the audio system and lights when the engine is turned off.  Because of the parasitic drain caused by our electronics, this number has become an important component in selecting a battery. 

ACDelco Professional Batteries

Since there’s more of a need today to use our vehicles to charge phones, tablets and computers; ACDelco batteries are being engineered with a higher reserve capacity. Unlike a lot of competitors, ACDelco Professional batteries take increased need for reserve capacity into consideration. They incorporate the latest technologies like high density negative paste, enhanced-life alloys, pressure tested cases, and the right balance of plate thickness - all of which improve battery life.  

In our plugged in word, you not only need a battery that powers your car, but one that powers your accessories as well.  ACDelco batteries are made with your electronic charging needs in mind. To learn more about ACDelco Batteries visit