Your Vehicle’s Fuel Pump
The three integral components of a modern internal combustion engines are fuel, air and spark. For safety purposes, engine and fuel storage systems are located on opposite ends of your vehicle. Your vehicle needs a high quality fuel pump in order to transport needed fuel all the way to the engine.  

A vehicle’s fuel and engine management system supplies the proper mixture of air and gasoline to the engine. Located in the fuel line or inside the fuel tank, your vehicle’s fuel pump transfers fuel from the rear storage tank to the fuel injectors or carburetor.  Poor engine starting characteristics, slow response when accelerating, intermittent power loss and excessive noise could all be signs your fuel pump needs replacement.  

If you want outstanding fuel delivery, look no further than ACDelco for fuel pumps to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. ACDelco pumps undergo over 300 hours of rigorous vibration testing and are engineered to withstand various types of gasoline that can be corrosive. The latest fuel level sensor design eliminates failure due to sulfur contamination, wire wound sensors and lead sensor kits. 

If you want to pump the best performance into your engine, make sure your fuel pump is an ACDelco – the one specifically designed to fit your vehicle. 
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