​ACDelco Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressors

What can the popular ice game of curling teach us about ACDelco Professional Air Conditioner Compressors? 

A/C Compressors provide the life blood for climate control pumping refrigerant through your vehicle's air conditioning system. So, a compressor that is built to run smoothly is vital. 

In curling a low-friction coating is used on the bottom of shoes to provide a smooth glide across ice that is also pebbled with small droplets of frozen water creating a melt helping the curling rock to move. ACDelco A/C Compressors use a low-friction coating to provide a smooth passage for the pistons and to reduce damaging wear that may shorten compressor life. 

ACDelco A/C Compressors are tested for reliability and built with polished shoes and feature pistons and swash plates manufactured with a low-friction coating. 

So, when it comes to staying cool, CLICK HERE to shop ACDelco A/C Compressors for your vehicle. Contact an ACDelco Professional Service Centre today to have your vehicle checked out.