​A/C in Action: How it Works

Have you ever exhaled during frigid winter temperatures to see your breathe become a big cloud of air in front of you? As you may already know, this vapourization occurs when the moisture in your breathe moves from a high to a lower temperature environment. This process is called phase transition and it has a lot to do with how Air Conditioning systems cool our vehicles!

Because nobody wants to drive around in an oven, we count on our car’s Air Conditioning system to keep us cool during the hot summer months.  Certain liquids like the refrigerant used in Air Conditioning systems actually absorb heat as they vapourize. That heat absorption during phase transition is a big part of what makes modern air conditioning possible. 

Automotive Air Conditioning loops are made up of a compressor, condenser and an evaporator. As the refrigerant enters the evaporator core and Thermal Expansion Valve (TSX valve), heat in the cabin of the car vapourizes a cold liquid refrigerant back into a gas. 

Image: A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator

With interior car temperatures reaching sweltering levels in the summer months, it’s critical to have proven AC components you can count on. Rely on ACDelco Air Conditioning components as dependable high quality parts for your vehicle.

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