​Batteries: Get Plugged In

What do rollercoasters have to do with the battery inside your vehicle?

Roller coasters can generate a tremendous amount of potential energy just like the ACDelco battery inside your vehicle. Most roller coasters don’t have an engine or a battery and rely on potential energy to make it run, and the higher up it goes the more energy is stored.

ACDelco Professional Batteries also house a tremendous amount of potential energy and because there’s more of a need today to use our vehicles to charge phones, tablets and computers, our batteries are being engineered at a higher reserve capacity. We take the increased need for reserve capacity into consideration and have incorporated the latest technologies like high-density negative paste, enhance life alloys, pressure tested cases and the right balance of plate thickness. All of this improves the performance, as well as extends battery life.

Just like engineers design roller coasters to go higher and harness that awesome power potential, ACDelco develops batteries for increased electrical needs. ACDelco Professional Batteries help ensure you have the power needed every time you get behind the wheel, because in our plugged-in world - you not only need a battery that starts your car but powers all your accessories. 

See what ACDelco has to offer by checking out the ACDelco Batteries page and contacting your ACDelco Professional Service Centre today to have your vehicle checked out!