Beam Wiper Blades: Under Pressure

What can the pressure behind a suspension bridge teach us about ACDelco beam wiper blades?

ACDelco beam wiper blades are designed for endurance with a series of multiple pressure points and a twin point coupler. A suspension bridge relies on compression to bear its load. The force of the compression pushes on the bridge deck, is transferred to the cables and then transferred to the towers. The towers absorb and dissipate the pressure directly into the earth keeping the bridge from bucking or swinging.

An ACDelco beam wiper blade also relies on a series of multiple pressure points to help evenly distribute the force exerted as it sweeps across the windshield. This results in a long efficient life for the blade and a close clean fit for a clear line of sight. Since Mother Nature exerts her own pressures, ACDelco beam wiper blades undergo 100 hours of rigorous testing for optimal performance and testing in temperatures from -40 to 82 degrees Celsius. 
So when it comes to maintaining a clear view, choose ACDelco beam wiper blades.

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