Meet LRP Automotive!

LRP Automotive located in Oshawa, ON!
In business since 2011
ACDelco Professional Service Centre (PSC) program member since 2016.

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LRP Automotive is a full service automotive repair facility offering routine maintenance, repairs and major repairs such as engine replacement.  Their goals is to get the job done right the first time – every time.
LRP Automotive’s biggest priority is keeping their customers up to speed! The more they can update their customer about their vehicle, from what maintenance or repairs are needed, when it maintenance should be done, and  a rough budget, the more it helps everyone understand the benefits of vehicle maintenance – which helps with the bottom line in the long run.
Owner, Keith Weidmark got into the business initially out of necessity when he was a young pizza delivery driver.   He likely got the pizza’s delivered on time – but his car continued to need repairs.   He started learning how to do various repairs to keep his car on road, which turned into helping friends with their repairs and the rest is history.   
Preventative maintenance is a big priority for Keith.  He encourages all his customers to prioritize maintenance now, to avoid unnecessary costly repairs in the future. 
LRP Automotive is a strong advocate for the automotive repair industry and always encourage youth who wish to pursue a career in the automotive field, from helping find an apprenticeship, to assisting enrolling them in school for training.
Looking for a great repair experience in Oshawa? Give LRP Automotive a call at (905) 725-7726.