Understanding Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Have you ever seen this warning light appear on your dashboard?

It's a tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS alert and it's an important message from your vehicle's tires. If you're driving a vehicle built in 2008 or after, it should be equipped with TPMS right inside the tire. These sensors monitor air pressure and let you know when it falls too low.

If your tire pressure falls too low, your tire is going to spin at a different rate than all the other tires and your indicator light will appear. It's important to understand the right thing to do when you see a TPMS light appear.

While avoiding a flat tire is an obvious reason to care about your TPMS, there are many ways properly inflated tires help you on the road. Properly inflated tires encourage greater fuel economy and help promote longer tire life. They even help keep you safe by lowering the risk of hydroplaning and allow for shorter braking distances.

When it comes time to maintaining your TPMS, look no further than ACDelco’s Professional Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors. These premium aftermarket replacement components are manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function, and fit both GM and non-GM vehicles.

Find out more about ACDelco Professional Tire Pressure Sensors and contact an ACDelco Professional Service Centre to have your vehicle inspected. 

Q: Do I really need a tire pressure sensor? 
A: Yes, you cannot always tell when a tire is either over or under-inflated by just looking at it. Not only is there a safety issue of driving on an under-inflated tire, but proper tire inflation helps with tire life. 

Q: If the battery dies on my tire pressure sensor can I replace it? 
A: No, once the battery dies the entire sensor must be replaced.