ACDelco Professional Gold AGM Batteries
Why Reserve Capacity Matters in Gold AGM Batteries

While Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is important for starting engines, having higher Reserve Capacity (RC) helps power mobile devices, entertainment systems and in-vehicle Wi-Fi longer when the vehicle engine is off. Installing a battery that does not have the right amount of RC may accelerate internal plate degradation which can lead to a shorter battery life.
For decades, people shopped for lead-acid batteries with high cold-cranking amps. But newer vehicles with direct injection and gear reduction starters have different demands. LED headlamps, Wi-Fi® Hotspots, and systems such as OnStar mean today’s vehicles require a greater amount of reserve capacity when the engine is off. Your ACDelco Gold Battery is capable of housing a tremendous amount of reserve capacity so it can power all of your vehicle’s electric demands.
Some of the features of our Professional Gold Batteries include:
  • Negative grid placed inside envelope separator to prevent bent wire shorts
  • Robust Envelope Separator with puncture-resistant back
  • Carefully tuned paste formulation maximizes cranking and reserve performance
  • Full-frame calcium lead positive plate provides durability and aids conductivity.
It's important to select the correct battery type for your vehicle, as the demands of modern systems shift from the old standby of conventional flooded to AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. The rise of stop/start technologies require AGM batteries to operate correctly and using a lead-acid battery can lead to premature failure. ACDelco Gold Automotive AGM Batteries are remarkably charge-receptive and are necessary for stop/start vehicle applications.
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