Silver (Advantage) Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free 18

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free 18 Month Batteries fit your specific heavy duty needs. These batteries have a Calcium-Calcium plate construction to help resist vibration, shock, and heat. ACDelco 4D and 8D Silver (Advantage) Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free 18 Month Batteries offer reliable ACDelco quality at an economical price. ACDelco Silver (Advantage) Group 31 Heavy Duty Flooded Sealed Maintenance Free 18 Month Batteries have a hassle-free design and reliable ACDelco quality at a value price. These Group 31 batteries have the same Calcium-Calcium plate technology used on ACDelco automotive products and plates designed to withstand longer running applications. These batteries have center line terminals which allow for the greatest installation versatility. Permanently sealed covers and specially designed grid offer excellent vibration resistance.

  • Both stud and post terminal offerings available
  • Strong internal fusion weld to help with battery life
  • ACDelco negative paste helps resist flaking to maximize overall performance and life
  • Calcium Alloy maximizes cycle life and performance, and minimizes water consumption
  • Durable envelope separator that maximizes acid circulation and resist punctures, helping with battery life
  • Permanently sealed cover protects against leaks and provides maintenance free performance without having to add water

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