Gold and Silver Group 31 Heavy Duty Batteries

ACDelco offers a full line of Heavy-Duty batteries engineered to meet the demands of tough applications with rigorous quality controls to help ensure long life and reliable performance. ACDelco Group 31 batteries are available in both Maintenance-Free Flooded and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technologies, as well as in starting, cycling, and combination formations to offer solutions for diverse application needs. 

  • Epoxy top-bonding to help resist vibration for long life
  • 100% electrical short and pressure tested
  • Full frame stamped positive grid designed for durability and superior power delivery over expanded grids 
  • Engineered to be fast charging and capable of deeper and more cycling than flooded batteries
  • Grid and glass mat design inherently more vibration resistant, a key to long life in tough heavy-duty applications

Ask your repair facility or supplier for details on our Group 31 Heavy Duty Flooded and AGM batteries!

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