ACDelco Powersport Batteries

ATV - Motorcycle - Personal Watercraft - Scooter - Snowmobile - Utility Vehicles

We offer a full line of Powersport batteries available in both Gold AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Silver Conventional types with sizes fitting the popular applications. ACDelco Powersport batteries offer an excellent value with durable construction and packaging and in many cases spacers and extra hardware for mounting in various OE (Original Equipment) replacement applications. All ACDelco Powersport batteries contain a patented additive to help minimize sulfation during long periods of non-use. These batteries are engineered for the demanding Powersport user and designed to meet or exceed OE specifications!

Gold AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries
Featuring advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology that helps improve life and performance over conventional flooded batteries, with tough through-the-partition construction to shorten the electrical current path and reduce resistance resulting in boosted cranking power. Specialized Lead/Calcium alloy reduces self-discharge and maximizes starting power even after months of storage. Our AGM batteries are manufactured under strict quality control to offer excellent performance and long life. The AGM design allows easy installation without the worry of acid spills (after activation) and the need to check water, truly Maintenance Free.

  • By design, AGM technology provides increased vibration resistance, improving life - even in tough applications
  • AGM batteries have improved recharging capabilities compared to flooded batteries
  • AGM batteries are rated DOT non-spillable as the electrolyte is absorbed in the Glass Mat
  • No exhaust venting required, totally sealed
  • Shipped dry and unfilled for a very long shelf life
  • Once filled the non-removable vent plugs will seal the battery, no water to check

Silver Conventional Batteries
Featuring a premium polypropylene separator (vs. low-cost paper separators) to help ensure robust separation of positive and negative plates for longer short-free life. All ACDelco Silver Powersport batteries use through-the-partition welded construction providing less resistance and higher cranking power than commonly used loop construction. These batteries are shipped dry with an acid bottle providing long storage life until you are ready to add acid and activate. 

  • Premium construction compared to many competitors flooded batteries
  • Translucent case for easier filling and maintenance (once filled and activated, water levels should be checked every few months)
  • Polypropylene cover and container resist damage from gas, oil, and other chemicals
  • Sealed terminals and heat-sealed cover help protect against seepage, reduces corrosion, and extends battery life
  • Vent tube and hardware included

Powersport Charging
Do not use a standard automotive charger to charge these batteries. Use a charger that has 0.5 Amp increments and use a charger with an AGM setting for AGM batteries. See included owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Off-Season Storage
To maximize battery life, Power Sport Batteries should be brought up to a full charge and stored in a cool place (above 32°F/0°C) for off season storage. A fully charged battery has a better chance of lasting during the offseason and being ready when needed. Inspect the battery every 2 months and recharge if needed. If the voltage falls below 12.4 volts, a refresh charge is suggested.

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