Gold (Professional) Premium XAGM Batteries

ACDelco Premium Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries feature enhanced materials and construction for enhanced power, performance, and endurance and provide twice the overall power and three times the life compared to traditional batteries. For High electrical load Heavy Duty Applications with increased electrical demand from the numerous modules, sensors, and electrical options.

  • Longer service life – ACDelco XAGM series batteries offer 3 to 5 times longer service life than conventional batteries, not to mention time and hassle of premature failures
  • Corrosion Elimination - 99% pure lead plates combined with high purity electrolyte virtually eliminate internal corrosion for longest shelf and service life. Lead/Tin coated brass terminals with robust construction and O-Ring seals helps ensures secure, corrosion-free high durability connections
  • More cranking and deep cycle - Thin plates with specially controlled fine particle paste provide more cranking AND more deep cycle capability within the same size case
  • Durability - Thick full cast over the wall Inter-cell connections provide maximum durability and conductivity and provide more space per cell for more power within the same size case
  • Strong Battery Case - PET/Polycarbonate blend case – Stronger than typical battery cases made of polypropylene to help protect against both high-impact shocks and constant vibration

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