Advantage Coated Rotors

ACDelco Advantage Coated Rotors feature a COOL SHIELD™ protective coating to help prevent rust corrosion, compared to uncoated rotors.  They feature the fit, form and function of premium aftermarket brakes at a more economical price.  The ACDelco Advantage line offers dependability, performance and great value - without sacrificing important features and benefits.

Features and Benefits    
  • COOL SHIELD™ coated edges and vanes stay cleaner longer for optimal cooling
  • Application specific vane configurations keep the rotor running cool and quiet
  • Mill-balanced for optimum weight distribution and brake performance
  • Chamfer angle, vane configuration and rotor plate thickness all match the application design

Importance of Correct Vane Configurations
  • Vanes play a key role in safety and performance
  • Specially designed shapes and placement of vanes help dampen noise and vibration and maximize airflow to keep rotor running cool (those that cannot dissipate heat properly can unexpectedly fail)

A rotating disc that helps slow or stop the vehicle when the brake pads press against its surface (disc brakes). 

Brake pedal pulsation (not to be confused with normal ABS operation), squealing or grinding noise, low brake pedal height, vehicle pulls to the left or right when brakes are applied. 

You can take the Advantage Coated Rotors straight from the box and install them on a vehichle. No need to clean them before installation! The rotors are washed and dried at the plant before the coating is applied.