Specialty Performance Brakes

When your vehicle does more than take you to and from work – when it is your work – you need the superior stopping power of ACDelco Performance Brake rotors and Friction. Tested to the standards of the National Institute of Justice and the Michigan State police, these friction products are built for the demands of police and fleet work. Rotors feature specific vane configurations for increased air flow and optimal heat dissipation.

ACDelco Performance Brake Rotors
  • Have a special polymer binding coating that acts as an armor against the elements for durability.
  • Utilize damped iron metallurgy to reduce noise, vibration and heat.

ACDelco Performance Brake Pads
  • Police pads are specifically designed to meet the demands of police and fleet vehicles.
  • Have rubberized adjustment clips for quiet operation.
  • Chamfers and slots match up with GM original equipment applications to offer many of the same characteristics of the OE brake pad.
  • Nucap Retention System (NRS) backing plates used when possible for superior performance.

Flat pads with frictional materials contact the rotor to help slow or stop the vehicle (disc brakes).

The Brake System applies frictional force to the wheels to slow or stop the vehicle.