Professional Coated Brake Calipers

Zinc-plated protective coating to help improve corrosion resistance
ACDelco Professional Coated Calipers feature a Zinc-plated protective coating to help improve corrosion resistance. These Professional brake calipers will stand the test of our seasonal weather. Their Zinc coating reduces corrosion allowing the calipers to last longer and look better! Like all ACDelco parts, each coated brake caliper is engineered to the highest quality standards to confidently support your brake repair. 

Features & Benefits
•    Zinc plated coating enhances corrosion resistance to provide the best results when compared to the original coating. 
•    Meets 72 hour salt spray corrosion resistance for Zinc testing standard per ASTM B117*
•    Available bracketed where required
•    100% quality tested and pressure tested for leaks
•    Design follows critical specifications to ensure safe, leak-free operation
•    Pre-lubrication of critical areas prevents binding 
•    Rust preventative coating provides longer lasting protection from environmental elements like corrosive road sprays and salt. 

*The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) test B117 is one of the most widely adopted standards for salt spray testing.