Professional Classic Design Oil Filters

ACDelco Professional Classic Design Oil Filters offer outstanding filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management and high-durability design help provide exceptional filtering performance.

  • 98 percent single-pass filtering efficiency at 25-30 microns for excellent filtering capabilities.
  • Cellulose media traps particles 1/3 the width of a human hair to help provide a clean supply of oil to engine components.
  • Thermosetting adhesive seals hold filtering media in place for consistent, dependable filtration.
  • Designed with five times greater burst strength than most engine oil operating pressures after the oil reaches operating temperatures.

The Filtration System prevents contaminants from entering the engine and transmission while allowing enough fluid or airflow to keep them running properly. The oil filter cleanses the engine oil to help reduce wear on the engine's internal components. 

Due to a restricted filter, a failed internal bypass, or a failed O-ring seal, these problems may occur:
•    Dark, dirty-appearing oil 
•    Low oil pressure light turns on 
•    External oil leak from the engine 

Properly disposing of used oil and oil filters is critical to protecting the environment and is also becoming regulated throughout the country as landfills become overcrowded and is supported by the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code (CAREC). There are waste oil and used oil filter programs, as a part of the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code, through each Province to combine the recycling efforts around the country.
  • Each year, according to Statics Canada, Canadians purchase approximately 1 billion litres of motor and lubricating oil.
  • In 1999, 356 million litres of used oil were recycled, but a similar volume ended up in landfills, in sewers, or directly in the environment where it contributed to the country’s pollution.
  • From 1997 to 2009, 84,271,392 litres of used oil, 7,095,476 used oil filters and 1,945,672 kg of used oil containers have been recovered and recycled.
Consider recycling your oil and oil filters. It will make a big impact on the environment.

Replacing your vehicle's filters on a regularly scheduled basis will help the vehicle run better and last longer. (Refer to your Owner's Manual for your vehicle's specific filter change intervals.)

Clean filters contribute to better fuel economy and reduced vehicle operating costs.