Professional Remanufactured Starters

ACDelco remanufactured alternators and starters are available for most vehicles on the road today with over 2,700 part numbers available. Features include:
  • Remanufactured - units are remanufactured to stringent specifications, not rebuilt
  • Top-selling part numbers include 100% new solenoid
  • Replacement - ACDelco replaces each part of its remanufactured units that are most subject to wear and failure with new components
  • Testing - 100% of ACDelco alternators and starters are tested after remanufacture
  • Performance and reliability testing includes; sound room tests, vibration tests and exposure to hot and cold rooms

Features & Benefits
Using strict specifications and rigorous testing, ACDelco Remanufactured Starters are engineered for most cars, light-duty trucks and sport utility vehicles on the road today. As required ACDelco replaces those parts of its remanufactured units that are most subject to wear and failure with new components. These are: 

  • Worn brushes are one of the primary causes of starter failure, so ACDelco starters always contain new brushes.
  • ACDelco brushes are 100% durability-tested for performance reliability.
  • Armature Support Bushing
  • These bushes protect finely machined components against ongoing wear
  • ACDelco starters use 100% new copper and bronze-sintered, oil-impregnated bushings enhance durability and wear resistance.

Solenoid Contacts
  • The solenoid assembly is subject to corrosion and oxidation, reducing conductivity and service life
  • ACDelco solenoid contacts are 100% new, featuring copper terminals and plated hardware

Also important to the starter performance, Armatures and Commutators are tested and Drive Clutch Assemblies are inspected for signs of wear and replaced with new, when necessary. 
Armatures and Commutators
  • As a starter's primary torque-producing elements, the armature & commutator are critical to proper cranking capability.
  • ACDelco armature and commutators are precision machined and electronically tested to help consistent starting performance.

Drive Clutch Assemblies
  • Consisting of numerous small, intricate parts, the drive clutch assembly is subjected to considerable abuse with every start.
  • ACDelco drive clutches are fully dismantled and remanufactured then sealed with aerospace-quality grease to help maximize performance at all temperatures.

Product Facts
Find out more about ACDelco Professional Remanufactured Starters and how they fit into the Starting and Charging System with the product facts below. 

The starter motor cranks the engine when engaged with the flywheel. The solenoid uses electromagnetic force to power the starter motor and flywheel. 

Sporadic engine cranking, poor starting qualities. 

The Starting and Charging System starts the engine, maintains the battery's charge and provides power to the electrical accessories while the engine is running.