Advantage Bearings

The fit, form, function, and quality engineering you’re looking for, for repairs for all makes and models.  High quality product with very competitive pricing compared to other premium aftermarket bearing products.
Every internal bearing component features the right material, design and operating tolerances that your vehicle repair demands.   Our strict engineering and manufacturing standards help ensure that the NEW ACDelco Advantage Bearings maximize the performance of related components in the vehicle’s ABS, brake and steering systems.
Premium Quality – ACDelco Advantage Hub Assemblies are engineered to the some of the highest industry standards and are rigorously tested on certified lab equipment
Precision Controlled Tolerances – ACDelco Advantage hub assemblies are meticulously manufactured to precise tolerances providing flawless bearing, braking & handling performance
High Carbon Clean Steel – Components made of high quality contaminate free steel make for smooth noise free operation and superior bearing performance
Bearing Races – Heat-treated to withstand some of the toughest driving situations
Advanced Lubrication – ACDelco Advantage Hub Assemblies are “Greased for Life” and offer the advantage of a cooler operation and maximum bearing life
Proven Seal Design - Contamination is no match for ACDelco Advantage’s innovative multi-lip design configuration and extreme temperature seal materials
Wheel Bolts – Utilizes cold headed high tensile strength steel wheel bolts for safety and reliability
Superior ABS Sensor & Connector Technology – Consistent ABS signal due to insulated heavy gauge wire and high strength polymer components which are 100% inspected post assembly and help to guarantee proper ABS function