Professional Automotive Belts

Made of EPDM rubber for long life and quiet, dependable performance, ACDelco Professional Automotive Belts are designed to meet or exceed OEM performance requirements. And with V-Belts, V-Ribbed and Timing Belts for cars and light- and heavy-duty truck applications, you can get an ACDelco Automotive Belt that is ideal for your application and needs.
Features & Benefits
Manufactured using quality materials to help provide long life, minimize noise, reduce tension loss and solve problem applications
Ensures the synchronization of the engine's camshaft, crankshaft, distributor (if equipped) and water pump; Transfers power from the crankshaft to the alternator

Engine stops, engine backfiring; cracking, splitting, slipping and/or squealing belt, dimming headlights while driving, loss of battery charge

  • Inspect engine belts for cracks or missing sections; check belt tension
  • Inspect the engine belts regularly. Look for glazing and cracks. Worn belts will affect engine performance