Gold (Professional) Hoses

Gold (Professional) Automotive Coolant Hoses
Composed of specially blended materials to deliver long-life performance, ACDelco Gold (Professional) Automotive Coolant Hoses are designed to resist buckling or bending out of shape. 

  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation – the leading cause of hose failure
  • Protective sleeves on our hoses help duplicate OEM designs
  • Moulded hoses, including moulded heater hoses, 90-degree hoses and branched radiator hoses, install without buckling, bending out of shape or straining at the connection
  • Product available for vintage and heavy-duty applications

Gold (Professional) Heavy-Duty Hoses
Available for a variety of automotive uses, including superchargers and turbochargers, radiators, heaters, air and vacuum brakes, ACDelco Gold (Professional) Heavy-Duty Hoses are a high-quality replacement for worn original equipment.

  • Outstanding cost-per-mile performance due to durable design and construction
  • Silicone heater hoses are built to resist prolonged exposure to high-heat environments
  • Durable EPDM rubber radiator and heater hoses help eliminate water permeation and electrochemical degradation and give great cost-per-kilometer performance

Gold (Professional) Bulk Hose Products
Exactly what busy fleet maintenance personnel and garage technicians need – high-quality ACDelco hose products in bulk. 

  • For fuel, oil, air, vacuum and water, available in multiple lengths
  • Vacuum system and windshield washer fluid hoses have exceptional resistance to kinks and stand up to heat and oil
  • Engine oil and transmission oil cooler hoses are specially made for high-temperature use
  • Air hoses for a variety of service station and garage uses

Unicoil Hose Bending System
Enhance the life of automotive hoses with the ACDelco Unicoil Hose Bending System. 

  • Bends straight hose into virtually any shape without tools or special equipment
  • Allows modification or customization of engine coolant hoses to prevent kinks in tight hose bends
  • Can be used on Heater, Fuel Line, Fuel Injection and Transmission Oil Cooler Hoses

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