ACDelco Specialty Belts and Hoses

Get ACDelco quality for your garden equipment, snowmobile and other specialty machines with ACDelco’s Specialty Belts and Hoses. Built tough to handle the rigors of non-automotive uses, ACDelco Specialty Belts and Hoses are the ideal replacement for your original equipment.

ACDelco Premium Hoses
Replace your original equipment hoses with ACDelco Premium Hoses. Featuring two-ply construction these hoses deliver high-pressure and high-abrasion resistance, making them the perfect replacement.

  • For coolant and heater applications
  • Premium two-ply coolant hose has high working pressure and high abrasion resistance
  • Premium formable coolant hose has excellent flexibility and is resistant to kinks and collapse

ACDelco Fleetrunner Belts
When you need reliable performance and long-life operation, you need ACDelco Fleetrunner Belts. When you've got a group of vehicles to keep on the road, let ACDelco give you the edge you need!

  • Manufactured using quality materials to help provide long life, minimize noise, reduce tension loss and solve problem applications
  • Outstanding resistance to cracking, even with higher underhood temperatures

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