Professional Bushings & Kits

ACDelco's Professional Bushings & Kits are available for a wide variety of applications. High-temperature synthetics help withstand high impacts and resist environmental factors, while providing optimal performance and extended service life. 

"Silent-bloc" metal sleeve/rubber design bushings (in control arm applications) are exceptionally durable and provide proper alignment and ride stability. 

Polyurethane bushings used on ACDelco Sway Bar bushings feature excellent abrasion, wear resistance, extreme temperature tolerances, and resistance to oils, fluids, and carbons. In addition, they have a lower compression set than the more commonly used rubber bushings. 

Features & Benefits
  • Resistance to high temperatures allows the bushings to withstand heat from exhaust systems.
  • Also available standard and high temp radius arm bushings kits.
  • Worn bushing can cause noise, tire wear or brake pull to one side.

Bushings deteriorate from the inside out. If they show signs of wear, be sure to replace them.