Professional Offset Upper Ball Joints

Bring the advantage of camber adjustment to vehicles that previously did not have it with the use of ACDelco’s Professional Offset Upper Ball Joints. 

Features & Benefits
  • Fits a wide range of applications
  • Adjusts camber and caster from ½° to 2° in ½° increments for precision
  • Adjustable ball joint allows easy adjustment of camber with a simple turn of the ball stud.

Serves as a pivot for the wheel assembly, allowing the wheels to turn in the direction the vehicle is steered. 

Rough ride, play in the steering wheel, slow or stiff steering wheel return, excessive tire wear on one side 

Caster and camber changes are now possible on some of these most popular sport utility vehicles and trucks in the marketplace. Offset ball joint replaces the OE ball joint to provide camber/caster change on several previously non-adjustable vehicles.