Professional Upper & Lower Ball Joints

ACDelco ball joints are designed for easier steering. When it comes to ball joints, there can be big differences between brands. ACDelco chooses the best design for the application, often incorporating advanced technology some competitors don't match.

Features & Benefits
ACDelco Key Advantages:
  • Superb strength and durability thanks to precision manufactured housing and components
  • Advanced corrosion protection against the harshest conditions
  • Permanently attached boot reduces contamination, makes installation easier
  • Full ball stud and patented two-piece cylindrical wedge bearing for tighter overall fit and fatigue resistance
  • No spring means no end play, easier installation
  • One-piece forged housing for easier steering

ACDelco Professional ball joints have some distinct advantages above all others, here are just a few:
Permanently Attached Dust Boot (where applicable)
  • Prevents contamination
  • Prevents premature failure

Advanced Synthetic Bearing
  • Less wear, longer life, and smoother steering
  • Reduced friction and fatigue
  • No spring – No endplay
  • Greaseable

Cold-Formed, Heat-Treated Stud
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Full Ball – Larger wear surface

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