ACDelco Professional Clutches are all new - not rebuilt - so you can be assured of a high-quality part each and every time. And, since ACDelco Professional Clutch Kits are delivered complete, you don't lose time tracking down the additional parts needed for an install. They are available for most vehicles on the road today - Automotive and Light-Duty Truck Clutch Kits, Hydraulic Kits, Diesel Kits, Medium-Duty Truck Kits, Dual Mass Conversion Kits, as well as new flywheels. Kick it into gear with ACDelco Professional Clutch Kits!

Features & Benefits
  • Application-specific technical installation information included in most kits

Product Facts
Find out more about ACDelco Professional Clutch Kits and how they fit into the Transmission System with the product facts below. 

Manually disengages and reengages the engine to the transmission. Proper function is necessary when changing gears. 

Slippage, lack of transmission engagement, loss of power to drive wheels, inability to shift transmission smoothly. 

Replacing a clutch on a manual or standard transmission is a time-consuming process, even with the all-in-one clutch kits available today. That time spent is compounded if the flywheel needs regrinding. 

But instead of regrinding the flywheel - which sometimes involves taking it to an off-site machine shop - consider simply installing a new flywheel.

Regrinding can sometime cause the flywheel to become too thin, and it may not grab like it should. Or, it can alter the step on the flywheel, which, when reinstalled, might cause slipping. A new custom flywheel will be within specs and will have ring gears that are fresh and new. In addition, installing a new flywheel can help save as much as a half-day bay time. A vehicle could be up on a lift for hours while the original flywheel is being reground and transported back and forth from the machine shop across town.

The Transmission System transfers power from the engine to the rear-drive wheels. Front-wheel-drive vehicles are equipped with a "transaxle" (a combination transmission/differential) that transfers power from the engine to the front-drive wheels. 

See your local ACDelco parts supplier for complete warranty details.