OE Oxygen (O2) Sensors

If your Oxygen Sensor is not functioning properly, you are robbing yourself of good performance and costing yourself money at the gas pump. Let ACDelco's GM OE Oxygen Sensors help! You can find an expanded line of oxygen sensors for most GM vehicles.

Features & Benefits
  • ACDelco GM OE emission parts, fuel injectors and control modules earn the name ACDelco by being put through a variety of tests, often under extreme and unusual conditions
  • Detect oxygen content in the exhaust gases
  • The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) uses this input to optimize the combustion process and control exhaust emissions
  • Designed to meet rigorous OBD ll standards
  • Customers can receive better gas mileage with a properly working oxygen sensor
  • ACDelco offers a 12-month/20,000km limited warranty* on most fuel injection, emission and control module parts.

* To the original retail purchaser. Installation not included. 

Product Facts
Find out more about ACDelco GM OE Oxygen (O2) Sensors and how they fit into the Exhaust and Emissions System with the product facts below. 

Senses oxygen content in the exhaust gas. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) uses this input to optimize the combustion process. 

Rough-running engine, poor fuel economy, "Service Engine Soon" light illuminates. 

The Exhaust and Emissions System muffles engine noise while reducing harmful fuel vapors and exhaust pollutants.

With today's computerized engine systems, maintaining your vehicle's Exhaust and Emissions System is best left to a professional technician.