OE Throttle Position (TP) Sensors

Keep your fuel and ignition systems working in synch with ACDelco GM OE (TP) Throttle Position Sensors, for most GM vehicles.

Features & Benefits
  • ACDelco GM OE emission parts, fuel injectors and control modules earn the name ACDelco by being put through a variety of tests, often under extreme and unusual conditions.
  • Electronically informs the PCM of the throttle valve angle
  • The PCM uses this input to regulate the fuel and ignition system
  • ACDelco offers a 12-month/20,000km limited warranty* on most fuel injection, emission and control module parts
* Whichever comes first. To the original retail purchaser. Parts only; installation not included. See your local ACDelco Distributor or independent service centre that offers ACDelco Parts for details.

Product Facts
Find out more about ACDelco GM OE Throttle Position (TP) Sensors and how they fit into the Exhaust and Emissions System with the product facts below. 

Electronically informs the PCM of the throttle's angle. The PCM uses this input to regulate the fuel and ignition system. 

"Service Engine Soon" light illuminates, poor engine performance. 

The Fuel and Engine Management System supplies the proper mixture of air and gasoline to the engine while reducing harmful fuel vapors and exhaust pollutants.

Make a service appointment if your vehicle shows any of the following symptoms: 
  • Illumination of the "Service Engine Soon" light
  • Improper engine idling, hesitation or stalling
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • Abnormal engine noises
  • Noticeable fuel odours - The fuel filter should be replaced according to the maintenance schedule shown in your owner's manual.

Also, have your engine tuned up regularly. A plugged/restricted fuel injector (if equipped) can reduce fuel efficiency.