Advantage Gas Charged Shocks

Quality ride at an economical price – that's what you get with ACDelco Advantage Gas-Charged Shocks! Engineered for comfort and control, ACDelco Advantage Gas-Charged Shocks have features you would expect to find on more expensive shocks – nitrogen gas charge for a comfortable ride and superior response. O-Ring piston seal provides for improved resistance and control. Drive with confidence with ACDelco Advantage Gas-Charged Shocks! 

Features & Benefits
Gas charge reduces mixture of air and oil to prevent foaming and subsequent ride deterioration.
  • Coverage for most GM cars, light duty trucks and SUVs from the 1980s on at an economical price
  • Meets fit and function requirements for ease of installation and performance
  • Electrostatic paint allows for better corrosion resistance in hostile environments
  • O-ring piston seal provides a positive hydraulic seal, allowing little blow-by of fluids, helping improve resistance and predictability of the damping response

Minimizes spring bounce and helps keep the wheels in contact with the road. 

Tire pressure and vehicle ride height are two of the most neglected suspension-related items. Lack of attention to these areas can contribute to improper wheel alignment and unnecessary chassis part wear. If the ride height of a vehicle falls below the manufacture's specification (due to wear or incorrect loading), the entire suspension system suffers. This in turn reduces your vehicle's braking, steering and acceleration capabilities and increases tire wear. 

The Ride and Handling System supports the vehicle's weight, keeps the wheels in contact with the road and helps provide a comfortable ride for the passengers. 

Regular maintenance of your vehicle's suspension plays a major part in its handling characteristics, how it feels on the road and how it steers during an emergency. A visual inspection and chassis lubrication are recommended with every oil change while a thorough annual inspection of the suspension is recommended as well. Regular suspension maintenance also improves tire wear. A car with misaligned wheels and/or worn shocks can cause tires to wear out faster than normal. Consult your owner's manual for your manufacturer's recommended tire rotation and wheel alignment schedule to keep your vehicle running smoothly.