Professional Remanufactured Rack and Pinion Gears

Give customers that new-car-like feeling with ACDelco Steering and Drive Products.  Our components are not just “reconditioned” – they are remanufactured. And, our use of the TS16949 process followed by rigorous testing ensures that they will perform and last. Whether you need Remanufactured Rack-&-Pinion Gears and Integral Gears, Remanufactured Power Steering Pumps or Power Steering Hoses, ACDelco Steering and Drive Products deliver superior value and performance in both our GM Original Equipment and Professional lines – and they are backed by competitive warranty coverage for peace of mind.

Features & Benefits
  • 100% new premium-grade seals and new bellows, boots and mounting bushings for durability and reliability.
  • Proprietary sleeves are bonded and staked in place for safety.
  • Shafts meet rigid surface finish and straightness tolerances.
  • 100% new premium quality boots and premium stainless steel boot clamps on all Rack and Pinion Gears for precise fit and leak-free sealing.
  • Competitive warranty coverage for peace of mind.

A long, steel bar that is meshed with the pinion gear and connected to the tie rods that turn the front wheels. 

Excessive "play" in steering wheel, steering wheel vibration or shaking, unusual noises. 

Power steering is really "power-assisted" steering. It allows you to steer your vehicle manually when the engine is not running or if a failure occurs in the power source. Over the years, power steering has become standard on many vehicles. In fact, consumer demand for this system has resulted in it being used in over 90% of all new cars produced in the U.S. and Canada.