Professional Fuel or Gas Caps

ACDelco has a wide range of fuel and gas caps to replace or upgrade original equipment. From Regular Fuel Caps, Locking Fuel Caps, Locking Fuel Caps All Keyed Alike, E85 Yellow Gas Caps and Locking Gas Caps, to Gas Cap Testers and Oil Filter or Breather Caps, we've got the products commonly needed - with the uncommon quality that comes with the ACDelco name.

Features & Benefits
  • Regular Fuel Cap: Designed to meet all requirements of your vehicles
  • Locking Fuel Caps: Same features as Regular Fuel Cap with the added benefit of a lock
  • Locking Fuel Caps All Keyed Alike: Customers with multiple vehicles can open them with a single key
  • E85 Yellow Gas Caps and Locking Gas Caps: Designed for ethanol and FlexFuel vehicles
  • Gas Cap Tester: Let’s you identify fuel caps that are not in compliance
  • Oil Filter or Breather Caps: Full line available to meet demands of almost any make or model

The Fuel and Engine Management System supplies the proper mixture of air and gasoline to the engine while reducing harmful fuel vapors and exhaust pollutants.