Professional Thermostats

With a full line of more than 300 budget-friendly part numbers, ACDelco has a Thermostat and Cap for most GM vehicles on the road today. Engineered to work with your car, truck or SUV, ACDelco Professional Thermostats come in a variety of designs and temperature ratings to meet your needs. We also have gas caps, radiator caps and oil filter/breather caps to replace your worn original equipment.
  • Premium Line Thermostats
  • Value Line Thermostats
  • Heavy-Duty Thermostats

Features & Benefits
 Standard Line Thermostats:
  • Designed to be OE-like
  • ACDelco thermostats come in a wide variety of designs and temperature ratings
  • Premium Line Thermostats: Heavier-duty components and greater flow rates than standard line thermostats
  • Value Line Thermostats: Good-quality thermostats for the value conscious customer
  • Heavy-Duty Thermostats: For off-road and heavy-duty trucks

Maintains proper engine operating temperature and allows the engine to warm up faster. 

Engine overheating, lack of available heat in the vehicle cabin, reduced fuel economy. 

  • ·Maintain proper coolant levels and check level monthly (Note: Never attempt to remove a radiator cap while the engine is hot. Serious injury could result.) 
  • Replace coolant with a mixture of antifreeze and water according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Inspect engine belts for cracks or missing sections; check belt tension.
  • Evaluate radiator and radiator cap for leaks, corrosion, worn cap gasket.
  • Examine hoses every 12 months. Look for leaks, cracks or rot. Replace when showing signs of wear.
  • Tighten any loose clamps. Replace clamps when replacing hoses.
  • Have cooling system inspected immediately if instrument panel-mounted temperature gauge indicates engine overheating.
  • Periodically, remove bugs, leaves and other debris from the front of the radiator. They can block airflow and substantially reduce cooling efficiency.