OE Synthetic Transmission Fluid

This product is a high viscosity index synthetic base fluid that provides superior high/low temperature performance. It offers excellent corrosion and foaming resistance, shear stability, and thermal and oxidation stability. It is formulated specifically for the General Motors manual 6-speed transmission in CK trucks with RPO ML6. 

Your vehicles differential is a kind of "unsung hero" within the powertrain system.

The differential has two primary responsibilities: directing engine power to the drive wheels and allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds when cornering. If the wheels couldn't rotate at different speeds, your vehicle's tires would display a wheel "hop" effect, thereby making cornering a rough experience for both you and your tires.

So, don't be "indifferent" toward your differential. It plays a vital role in moving your vehicle and ensuring a smooth ride.

Radiator Contamination
When an engine or transmission fails and needs to be replaced, often, the vehicle's radiator must be replaced as well. This is due to the engine or transmission contaminating the radiator with excessive gear shavings or other foreign objects at failure. 

The powertrain includes the engine, transmission ("transaxle" on front-wheel-drive vehicles) and drive axles that work in tandem to move the vehicle. 

While many of your vehicle's powertrain components such as the driveshaft and axle shafts don't require much routine maintenance, as shown below, there are a few parts that need periodic attention. 
  • Check the engine oil level at every fuel fill and add oil if necessary
  • About once a month, make sure all tires are inflated properly and check for any unusual wear or damage
  • The engine's exterior should be cleaned periodically.
  • Buildups of oil and dirt can cause the engine to run hot or hide leaks
  • Have your vehicle inspected if the "Service Engine Soon" light illuminates