Clear Vision Wiper Blades

ACDelco Clear Vision Wiper Blades take the guesswork out of wiper-blade replacement! These high-quality replacement blades feature advanced rubber technology combined with a design that creates 1,500 pressure points for outstanding performance. And, when it is time for them to be replaced, they let you know! A built-in indicator changes from black to yellow when the blade needs to be changed, giving drivers the confidence that they are getting optimal performance throughout the life of the blade. Don’t guess with critical parts like Wiper Blades – rely on ACDelco! 

Product Facts
Clear water, snow, ice and miscellaneous debris from the windshield. 

It's time to install new ACDelco Wiper Blades or refills if you are experiencing these symptoms:    
  • Streaking: Caused by worn blades
  • Chattering: Skipping of the blade caused by the permanent set or curve in the rubber of old blades
  • Worn Rubber: Rounding of the wiping edge caused by extended use
  • Split Rubber: Cracked and split rubber caused by prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays
  • Bent Wiper Frame: Bent or broken wiper blade frames can be caused by ice scrapers or automatic car washes