Professional Beam Wiper Blades with Spoiler

The improved design of the ACDelco Professional Beam Wiper Blades with Spoiler means even better performance! The longer coupler provides uniform pressure across the entire blade length for better wipe quality, and the intelligent engineering means it fits most wiper arms directly with no additional adapters required. The aerodynamic spoiler helps reduce lift, while the blend of synthetic and natural rubber delivers superior wiping performance.

Features & Benefits
  • Innovative curved, frameless blade design helps conform to the shape of your windshield.
  • Multiple pressure points that provide constant pressure for a uniform wipe
  • Variable sized coupler provides optimal load distribution across the length of the blade.
  • Fits virtually all wiper arms directly without a need to replace adapters.

Product Facts
Find out more about ACDelco Professional Beam Wiper Blades with Spoiler and how they fit into the Wiper System with the product facts below. 

Clear water, snow, ice and miscellaneous debris from the windshield. 

Streaking, chattering/skipping across windshield, worn or split rubber, bent wiper frame. 

It's time to install new ACDelco Wiper Blades or refills if you are experiencing these symptoms: 
  • Streaking: Caused by worn blades
  • Chattering: Skipping of the blade caused by the permanent set or curve in the rubber of old blades
  • Worn Rubber: Rounding of the wiping edge caused by extended use
  • Split Rubber: Cracked and split rubber caused by prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays
  • Bent Wiper Frame: Bent or broken wiper blade frames can be caused by ice scrapers or automatic car washes