Professional Conventional Spark Plugs

With coverage for most older vehicles on the road today and robust long-life design, ACDelco Professional Conventional Spark Plugs are an economical choice for solid performance.

Features & Benefits
  • Has a copper-core centre electrode that helps provide improved heat transfer to the tip, giving you the reliability you're looking for while improving its resistance to low-speed carbon fouling
  • Precisely engineered and manufactured to provide everyday reliability and efficient performance
  • The hot-tip insulator heats fast and fires hot
  • The nickel-chrome alloy on the ground electrode and center electrode sheathing resists wear from spark erosion and the corrosive environment of the combustion chamber

Product Facts
Find out more about the ACDelco Professional Conventional Spark Plugs and how they fit into the Starting and Charging System with the product facts below. 

Uses a high-voltage spark from the ignition coil to ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine's cylinders. 

Poor starting characteristics, decreased fuel economy, sluggish engine performance, excessive foiling or deposits on plug. 

The Starting and Charging System starts the engine, maintains the battery's charge and provides power to the electrical accessories while the engine is running.