Environmental Awareness

Keeping your car or truck properly maintained can sometimes create a mess. While ACDelco prides itself on providing excellent service and parts, we also take pride in acting responsibly when it comes to keeping the earth healthy for future generations. We’ve got to do our part, today, to keep it “green.”

ACDelco is happy to do its part, and we wrote this section to make it a little easier for you to do yours, including letting you know how to safely dispose of old oil, oil filters, batteries, and tires.

Disposing of Used Oil and Oil Filters
What should you do with your used oil? Simply recycle it. Oil filters too. Put the used oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid, and take it to an authorized used-oil collection facility. Many oil-change shops and service stations will also take used oil and oil filters, or contact your local recycling centre.

Tire Recycling
Many areas forbid tires in landfills — all the more reason to recycle them! If you take your vehicle to professionals to have the tires replaced, they normally dispose of the old tires for you (sometimes for a small fee). If you want to dispose of the tires yourself, take them to your local recycler. However, not all recycling centres accept tires. Some centres that do take tires charge a fee. Check with your local recycler to see if it accepts tires.

Radiator Fluid Recycling
Many repair shops recycle used radiator fluid. Simply secure it in a tightly sealed container, and take it to one of these shops.