NEW! ACDelco Advantage Filters – The clean low-cost choice

Take ADVANTAGE of this NEW line of high quality lower cost filters – to keep your maintenance repair costs in line.

Your vehicle needs to breathe easy. Filters may look like small parts, but they play an important role in filtering out debris and contaminants from entering your engine and the inside of your vehicle. An inferior quality filter can cause long term damage to your engine, and this means quality is key.

ACDelco’s new line of Advantage filters are engineered to give you the fit, form, function and technology of a premium aftermarket filter – all at an economical price. Manufactured to fit most makes and models, we’re ready for your next maintenance visit.


Advantage Air Filters

What they do: The filtration system prevents contaminants from entering the engine and transmission while allowing enough fluid or airflow to keep them running properly.

ACDelco Advantage air filters provide optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for engines from harmful, airborne contaminants. The air filter media provides a linear path allowing for minimal air restriction. The pleats in the media are held together with heat-resistant plastisol, trapping more dirt and providing ultimate durability.

Advantage Oil Filters

What they do: Contaminated oil can lead to damaging engine erosion. Oil filters cleanse the engine oil to help reduce wear on the engine’s internal components.

ACDelco Advantage oil filters are manufactured with high quality media to optimize performance.  They include a gasket that stays flexible and tightly sealed and a steel coil spring, ensuring components are securely held in place, and reinforced with a relief valve.

Advantage Transmission Filters

What they do: Transmission filters keep abrasive particles in the transmission fluid from reaching the transmission’s internal components.  

ACDelco Advantage transmission filters are high efficiency filter kits that provide long-term protection from harmful contaminants.  High quality design features include filter media that trap harmful contaminants, ensuring clean transmission fluid to cool and protect transmission components and sensitive electronics.

Advantage Cabin Air Filters

What they do: The cabin air filter helps keep bacteria and mold from growing inside of your vehicle’s ventilation system, helping to reduce vehicle odour.

ACDelco Advantage cabin air filters are high efficiency cabin air filters, built for optimal filtration, performance and dependability. Available in carbon and electrostatic media depending on the application, to trap dirt, dust, pollen and other unwanted pollutants from outside air that is pulled into the vehicle.

Advantage Fuel Filters

What they do: Fuel filters trap fuel contaminants before they enter the engine’s fuel delivery system.

ACDelco Advantage Fuel Filters are easy to install high quality fuel filters providing optimal filtration and ensuring performance and dependability.  Our diesel fuel filters use high efficiency glass media to ensure premium filtration as per the application.  The base construction is made of stainless steel, dichromate or plastic material that matches or exceeds specifications, making it a good fit for your vehicle.

Contact an ACDelco Professional Service Centre for your next maintenance visit and ask about ACDelco Advantage Filters!