Vehicle Maintenance

ACDelco offers a full range of chemical products to protect, enhance and maintain your vehicle. From adhesives to sealants, additives, lubricants, oil, and appearance care products, ACDelco has the chemical products needed to keep your vehicle looking and performing great! Click the links below for the information on the specific vehicle maintenance product you are looking for.

> (Auto-Trak II) Transfer Case Fluid
> Brake Fluid
> Carburetor Tune-up Conditioner
> Cooling Coil Coating 
> Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye
> DEX-COOL Antifreeze
> DEXRON® VI Transmission Fluid
> Diesel Exhaust Fluid
> Diesel Fuel Conditioner
> Engine Oils
> Fuel System Treatment Plus
> Glass Adhesion Promoter
> Glass Cleaner
> Limited Slip Axle Lubricant Additive
> Brake Parts Cleaner 
> Manual Transmission Fluid
> Medium-Body Seam-Sealing Compound
> Nozzle Diesel Exhaust Fluid
> OE Metal Patch Panel Adhesive
> OE Rear Axle Lubricant (75W-85)
> OE Synthetic Transmission Fluid
> Optikleen Windshield Washer 
> PAG Oil
> Plastic Adhesion Promoter
> Plastic Bonding Adhesive
> Power Steering Fluid
> RTV Engine Sealant
> Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
> Rust Penetrant and Inhibitor
> R134a Refrigerant
> Silicone Brake Lubricant
> Syncromesh Transmission Fluid
> Synthetic Axle Lube
> Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubriplate Lubricant
> Upper Engine and Fuel Injector Cleaner
> dexos1 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil