Silver (Advantage) Air Filters

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) Air Filters provide optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for engines from harmful, airborne contaminants. Take a look at some of our Silver (Advantage) Air Filters. 

Silver (Advantage) Air Filters

  • Engineered to maximize filtration media surface area
  • Air filter media provides a linear path allowing for minimal air restriction.  Pleats in the media are held together with heat-resistant plastisol, trapping more dirt and providing ultimate durability.
  • Polyurethane air filters (PU) include a sealing gasket that ensures a proper seal under harsh conditions
  • Radial air filters feature a mesh screen on both the inside and outside walls for element strength and media protection from backfire

Silver (Advantage) Cabin Air Filters

  • Manufactured with high quality filtration media
  • Designed for various makes of vehicles, for fit, form and function on vehicles equipped with cabin air filtration systems
  • Available in carbon and electrostatic media depending on application
  • Includes components as per application requirements

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