Battery Warranty

Warranty is administered at the point of purchase and is not administered directly by ACDelco Canada. Warranty claims are subject to the warranty details, terms and conditions at the time of purchase, of each individual ACDelco product line. 

Warranty Processing? Follow up with the business where the battery was purchased as they will be the ones that will be able to determine the terms and process your warranty, if applicable. Use the information on this page as a guideline only. 

Keep all Paperwork - Ensure to keep your installation and battery receipt, with the part number, warranty and date clearly detailed on this paperwork. This is required for a warranty claim to be administered by the business that sold and installed the battery

Visit our Parts Warranty page for more information.  

If you suspect that your ACDelco battery is not functioning properly: 
Try taking your vehicle to an Independent Repair Centre. The experts there can identify the specific cause of the problem. You can CLICK HERE to access the locator to find your nearest ACDelco parts supplier or an affiliated Professional Service Centre repair facility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a claim under the warranty on my battery?
In the event you wish to make a claim under this warranty, you must return with your dated bill of sale receipt and your battery, with its warranty insert intact, to your ACDelco retailer (Repair facility, authorized distributor or GM Dealer). If your receipt is not available, the beginning date for this warranty will be based on the date code as it appears on the battery label.
What is the warranty on the battery that came with my NEW GM vehicle? 
The battery in your GM vehicle is covered by the limited warranty of three years or 60,000 km whichever comes first (48 months/4 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first, for Cadillac, Buick) and should be taken back to the GM dealership. To confirm the warranty see your new vehicle warranty.   (See your owner’s manual for more information)

What is the warranty on the battery that is a replacement battery?
The ACDelco replacement battery warranty is for the consumer who purchased the battery as an aftermarket battery, and it is not the original battery. For a warranty on an aftermarket battery, the battery should be returned to the place of purchase or authorized ACDelco battery supplier or repair facility with the original receipt.  The details will be on the label and the installer will be able to determine the amount of warranty coverage that is applicable if any.

The ACDelco replacement battery warranty is coverage for the consumer who purchased the battery and is not transferable to another person/owner; the battery should be returned to the Independent Service Center or any ACDelco Parts Retailer with the receipt for warranty consideration.
Where can I find an ACDelco replacement battery?
Click here to find a local ACDelco Distributor or Service Centre, who should be able to assist you with your battery purchase

Reading Date Codes
Why do I need a date code?
The date code is used in exception cases where you do not have a receipt for installation.  It is at the discretion of the parts supplier or repair facility to confirm they will warrant the battery.  They will use this code as an official date to determine if there is still coverage on the warranty (assuming the battery has failed and is deemed to qualify for warranty).

How do I read the warranty date code on my battery?
This is a high level guide on how to read the battery date code, however, it is also recommended you contact an ACDelco parts supplier or your local repair facility to help you read the date code. They can assist with date code reading and based on the specific part number may also have an idea of the approximate range of years since the specific part number was released. ACDelco continues to add part numbers to their battery line up and a local parts supplier may know a timeframe when a specific part number was released.

All ACDelco Gold (Previously Professional Gold) series, ACDelco Silver (Previously Advantage), 60-series, and Voyager/Marine batteries have a date code printed on the battery label.

  • The first character is either a G (Gold) or S (Silver or Advantage)
  • The next two digits determine the month (ex. 10 = October)
  • The third digit is the year (ex. 9 is 2019)
  • The fourth digit indicates the manufacturing plant. 
  • Example:  S 040 G – is a Silver Series dated April of 2020

For batteries with our previous branding, see the following chart to confirm the date code: 

This Warranty Does Not Cover (All Batteries):
  • Discharged batteries that can be recharged and returned to service.
  • Cost for recharging
  • Labor costs for battery removal and installation.
  • Damage from charging system failure, negligence, abuse, accident, improper installation or freezing.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use or other incidental or consequential damages. 
  • Failures which occur outside the United States or Canada.

​For complete catalogue details, please take a look at the ACDelco Battery Catalogue.